Seven Seas brandng

Seven Seas is an elite player in global tank container operators. They serve a variety of customer needs that includes chemical, bulk, gas, hazmat, and even liquid shipping. They have been recognized by World Maritime News as one of the finest companies in the field of international shipping and logistics.

Seven Seas BrandingSeven Seas Branding
Seven Seas BrandingSeven Seas Branding

We worked with the Seven Seas team to develop a customized and elegant brand identity (including a new logo and graphics) which attracts new clients from emerging online markets. In addition, we created a website to make it easy for new or established clients to request a quote or get in touch with the Seven Seas team.

Seven Seas Branding
Liquid Bulk
Chemical Shipping
Dry Powder
Hazardous Material Transportation
Compressed Gas Shipping
Seven Seas Branding and Website
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